It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, especially in a new country, but talking can always make things seem more manageable! Take advantage of our free new technology-based chat support.

At Greystone College, we believe your wellbeing is key to your success. Committed to empowering you personally and professionally to achieve your education and career dreams, it’s our aim to provide a supportive environment on and off campus.

With our new Keep Me Safe service, you’ll have free access to immediate chat support and a wealth of free resources to help your ongoing personal and academic success, in the way that’s most convenient, comfortable and valuable for you.

Whether you’re stressed about an assignment, finding it difficult to adjust to life in Canada, struggling to manage your time, or simply feeling overwhelmed trying to manage finances, speak to someone who understands your language and culture in confidence, and access resources and tools to help.


student health

Why use SSP

  • It’s free and 100% confidential, within the limits of the law

  • Access to Keep Me Safe’s qualified professional counsellors for immediate or ongoing support 24/7

  • Choose how you want to communicate: website chat, app, phone options available

  • Instant chat and telephone support in 6 languages

  • Phone counselling which provides support in 60+ languages

  • Access to relevant articles and videos about health and diet, living away, practical life skills, student success, relationships, and more.


Be well, feel good, reach out


How it Works

1. Get in touch!

  1. Download the free My SSP app (Download from Apple & Google Play app store)

  2. Visit the website or

  3. Call 1.844.451.9700

2. Talk to Keep Me Safe’s counsellors through the app chat, or by phone (app, website, and instant messaging is available in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Arabic)


Schedule an appointment with Keep Me Safe’s counsellors in person or by video in your native language for a time when suits you.


3. You’ll be supported through your concern, no matter how big or small.

What MySSP can help you with:
Adjusting to life in Canada
Exam stress
Managing your finances
Healthy living habits
Juggling your time
Relationships with friends, family and roomates
Loneliness or homesickness


It’s our priority that students feel supported every step of the Greystone journey and maintain a healthy balance inside and outside of school. Let us support you on your academic and personal journey as best we can.


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