ILSC and Greystone College Australia – Online classes update


March 23, 2020

In light of the move to online classes for the next 4 weeks at Australian ILSC and Greystone Colleges, we’d like to provide you with some additional information.


How is ILSC and Greystone College supporting students during this period of online delivery?

ILSC’s advisors and managers are available at our schools in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to support all students and to answer their questions.


How do online classes work?

Students at both ILSC and Greystone College began their online classes on Monday. This is a short-term solution for the delivery of classes while we support and protect your students as well as our faculty and staff from the spread of COVID-19.

Language classes are being offered 4 hours each day in all study schedules. Through the Zoom platform, ILSC students are taught by our experienced teachers and can expect the same high levels of academic professionalism to which you and they are accustomed.

Greystone College classes are being delivered online via Moodle during the regular study schedules. The Moodle platform is familiar to all students and has been used by Greystone Colleges for some time.

Students that may have arrived in Australia and are self-isolating will have access to online classes during this period.

The ILSC academic and IT teams have worked intensively to bring our transformative learning experience quickly online for both ILSC and Greystone College students.


Students from outside Australia wishing to postpone or cancel

As a result of the current travel restrictions and border closure placed on international students arriving in Australia, ILSC and Greystone College students scheduled to arrive over the next 30 days are asked to postpone their studies to a later date.


Existing students who wish to cancel their studies

ILSC will follow our published cancelation and refund policies as outlined in our Application forms online. In addition, and in light of the situation, we will offer a non-cash voucher for unused study weeks not covered by the cash refund. This voucher is non-transferable and may be redeemed for studies at any time within the next 12 months.

Students who choose not to take the online lessons can opt to take a break and to extend their classes for the four weeks free of charge at the end of their stay. Additional accommodation fees may apply.


As always, ILSC’s sales and registrations teams are available to assist you and your students with changes to study and travel plans.


Paul Schroeder – CEO

Chris Nolan – VP Sales & Marketing