Develop transferable and sought-after business communication skills which are fundamental for building and maintaining business relationships internally and externally.


  • Gain a solid foundation in administration skills and prepare for entry into the world of business
  • Improve key skills needed for success in a business environment such as communication, teamwork, prioritizing and problem solving
  • Learn from instructors with recent industry experience
  • Develop soft skills sought by today's employers



Program Length


Daytime 26 weeks

Evening 48 weeks


Daytime 50 weeks

Evening 92 weeks

*Schedules will be adjusted in December to accommodate public holidays. Contact us for more information.

Start Dates


Jan 2, Jan 28, Feb 25, Mar 25, Apr 22, May 21, Jun 17, Jul 15, Aug 12, Sep 9,
Oct 7*, Nov 4*, Dec 2*, Dec 30*
*Toronto program is available from Oct 7

2019 - EVENING PROGRAM (Vancouver Only):

Jan 2, Feb 11, Apr 8, Jun 3, Jul 29,
Sep 23, Nov 18


Jan 27, Feb 24, Mar 23, Apr 20, May 19, Jun 15, Jul 13, Aug 10, Sep 8, Oct 5,
Nov 2, Nov 30

2020 - EVENING PROGRAM (Vancouver Only):

Jan 13, Mar 9, May 4, Jun 29, Aug 24,
Oct 19

Program Courses

In this workplace-centered course, students will learn how to gather information and maintain effective working relationships and networks, with particular focus on developing communication skills and understanding how to best represent an organization’s goals, values and culture in daily interactions.


In this workplace-centered course, students will learn how to identify customer needs and monitor service provided to customers to ensure customer satisfaction.


In this workplace-centered course, students will learn how to design and produce various business documents and publications. Students will become familiar with selecting and using a range of functions on a variety of computer applications.


In this course, students will prepare to take their new skills and knowledge into the job market. Students will focus on defining their future goals and career aspirations, and will learn how to write effective resumés and cover letters, interview basics, and what employers are looking for. Students will complete the course feeling prepared to find work in their new field.


In this workplace-centered course students will learn to efficiently organize their own work schedules, to monitor and obtain feedback on work performance, and to maintain required levels of competence.


In this workplace-centered course, students will learn how to be effective and proactive members of an innovative team.


In this workplace-centered course, students will learn how to plan, draft, review and finalize basic documents.


During the co-op work placement, students will put their skills into practise in a local workplace in a position related to their specific program objectives. Students will be required to complete job tasks as assigned to them by the employer. In addition, students are required to provide regular feedback (monthly) on their placement experience to Greystone College using prescribed reporting forms.


This course follows up with students after their work placement. It provides the student with a new perspective of their goals and achievements and prepares them to take the next step when they leave the program.


The course is divided into 2 sections, Work Placements Skills (WPS) 1 and 2. WPS 1 acts as an introduction to all the things you need to know about living and working in Canada and helps students through the process of applying for a tax file number (SIN). It also prepares students for the workplace by helping them to apply for jobs and ensuring their résumés and cover letters are to industry standards. WPS 2 prepares students for their Co-Op Work Experience and develops their networking skills.

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